Frequently Asked Questions

NORMAN™ Shutters offers flexible shutters solutions, for all types of sizes and shapes, you can choose shutters that are suitable for interior and exterior, thereby enhancing the beauty and aesthetics of House.

The product of NORMAN™ shutters has a smooth polished surface with thick paint, so it is very durable and suitable for the Vietnam climate. But because of the characteristics of wood if soaked in water for too long, it will be easily blistered, and warped, so when it is wet or sticky with rain water, customers need to use soft towels to absorb all the water on the product surface as soon as possible. Thus, it will avoid the wood because the water soaked for a long time but deformed because it has expanded beyond the tolerance limit.
In addition to natural wood, Shutter shutters also have completely non-toxic ABS material and are completely waterproof, suitable for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, or rooms with high humidity.

Shutter door / shutter door system currently has 4 types of materials for customers to choose from:

  • NORMAN™ Ultra (natural wood),
  • Normandy (natural wood),
  • Woodlore Plus (MDF plywood combined with ABS plastic book),
  • Waterproof (ABS completely waterproof plastic).

Blinds products have 3 types of materials:

  • Natural wood (Hong wood – Paulownia),
  • Imitation wood (PVC plastic)
  • Aluminum.

Honeycomb blinds are non-woven laminated fabrics, including:

  • Net fabric (Sheer),
  • Light Filtering,
  • Room Darkening (Room Darkening).