Perfect Tilt Shutters – Gold standard for automatic shutters

Perfect Tilt Shutters – Gold standard for automatic shutters

Special construction of PerfectTilt Shutters

NORMAN™ integrates an automatic system for shutters, uses a controller to easily adjust the books, and can simultaneously operate with multiple shutters in the room. In addition, NORMAN™ has developed an App that allows users to easily manipulate at a distance through a smartphone.

The magnet-designed controller on the back allows users to mount on metal furniture or appliances in the home such as shelves, refrigerators. With the integration of various control modes: full control of shutters in the house, or control of shutters in the room, or just controlling a shutters … helps users more flexible in the process use. Door-mounted modules with moisture resistance, using Lithium-ion 18650 batteries to extend usage time, users can use the whole year with just one charge. Moreover, the module is also equipped with solar panels, in locations exposed to the sun, the battery life is longer. In addition, to improve safety, NORMAN™ installs an induction system that recognizes obstacles to the product, allows the book to be in motion, but collides with children, pets or surrounding objects. will automatically stop.

Automation for your home

Automatic control via Smartphone (optional)
Quick response to control commands
8 book control modes have been set up, or users can freely set as desired.
The book of automatic shutter system can choose to open and close manually, or through the controller, Smartphone without having to turn on the switch, to fix the error, failure due to installing the switch Accurate, out of battery without charging.
The door-mounted module uses 2 Lithium-ion batteries, which users can use throughout the year with just one charge.
Equipped with solar panels to extend battery life
The module is designed waterproof
Sensors identify integrated obstacles, safe for small children and pets